The 10 Best Screen Recorder For Android 5 and 6

The 10 Best Screen Recorder For Android 5 and 6.Recording your activities on Android is an experience.  Android 5 and  6 encourages you to record top-notch recordings without the need of root the device. Yet, in Android KitKat, we need to attach the device to record the screen video. In this page, we have shared a rundown of 10 best screen recorder for android 5 and 6. It likewise takes a shot at past android variants. Be that as it may, it expects you to root the device, while in Android 5 and 6 you don’t need to root.Download the 10 best Screen Recorder for Android

The 10 Best Screen Recorder

The 10 Best Screen Recorder For Android 5 and 6

Best Screen recorder for Android 5 and 6

The best screen recorder for Android can measure by its rendering highlights and ease of use. We are portraying the 10 Best Screen Recorder.

  1. AZ Screen Recorder:

AZ is one of the prevalent screen recorders on Google Play Store. It is the main screencast application can delay and continued while recording. You permitted to use mic and input the sound alongside the screen catch. Magic Button, overlay front camera is the key to drive its popularity.

  1. Mobizen Screen Recorder:

Mobizen is an easy to understand screen recorder. It gives you a chance to record and alter the clasp. It has a full HD recording with 1080P Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPS. You can put the most loved ambient melodies. You can likewise put your own particular voice. It is another free application which offers free watermark evacuation.

  1. Stream:

The stream is somewhat not the same as other screen recorders. It gives you a chance to stream, watch and talk on live video. Screen recorder is one capacity which Stream gives. It broadcasting the amusements, walk-throughs and significantly more.

  1. Lollipop Screen Recorder:

Lollipop Screen Recorder works on Android 5 Lollipop or above. This doesn’t record the sound. This an awesome screen recorder.

  1. . ilos screen recorder:

iLos is one of the least applications. It offers different determination recording of the Android screen. It enables you to record the screen video and offer it to online networking, Google Drive and Dropbox. The recorder additionally causes you to share the video to the gadget. It doesn’t show any advertisement


Telecine demonstrates 3 seconds commencement before recording the screen video. It conceals the USB troubleshooting notice from the status bar. Along these lines, you can record the screen easily and professionally. The overlay screen goes straightforward while recording.

  1. Visor:

Vysor mirrors the Android on your PC. You can control the gadget with the help of the console and the mouse. On the off chance that you need, you can share the screen for remote help. You can play the most loved amusements on the PC while controlling the Android.

  1. Google Play Games:

Google Play Games has a worked in screen recording capacities. Make customized recordings, record gaming aptitudes or do anything with the recorder. To begin the recorder, exit out of the application when you see the chronicle interface. It records just 720p or 480p quality.

  1. Rec.:

On the off chance that you are utilizing an old Android (4.4), Rec. requires the gadget to attached to show its real worth. But, it will work without root on Android 5.0. It is an expert screen recorder. It gives configurable account. You can record up to an hour without dawdling. Shake or screen off the Android telephone to order it to quit recording.

  1. One Shot Screen Recorder:

One Shot Screen Recorder is the most astute screen recorder application. It works past the desires. When you are going to get done with recording in various applications. You tend to record a little piece of the undesirable clasp.  It liberates you from getting into such circumstance.  As it offers a disable recorder choice for a specific time.

Last Words

By and large, choosing one out of the pool of these 10 recorders may knotty for you. Contrasting the needs and the highlights gave by the recorders would help you to get the correct one. The best screen recorder must measure by its quality. A large part of these recorders bolster Android 5 and later. Collect a device and try to enjoy with this.The 10 Best Screen Recorder For Android 5 and 6 Download by