Android Data Recovery Software Free Download : The Magic

By | August 18, 2017

Android Data Recovery Software Free Download : The Magic.


What’s up, guys? Are you feeling unsecured about the valuable data of your phone? Are you at the risk of losing the data? No problem, now the Android data recovery software ready to help you. You can get it from the internet to free download. There many many versions for windows and mac to the internet.

What is Android Data Recovery Software?

Android Data Recovery Software is a file recovery apps for the android device. It helps to quick recover the files of the android. The data such as numbers, SMS, call list, video and audio files, photos and documents include in the device. The software retrieves the deleted files. It’s from the smart phones, tablets and different kinds of Android device. The software helps to restore the lost photos, videos and other document.

Android Data Recovery Software Download Link…..

Android Data Recovery

Windows Version: Download

Mac Version: Download


Let’s talk about the awesome features of the Android Data Recovery Software.They are follows :

  • Restore the lost files from reset factory, deleting and flashing  ROM.
  • The software supports the recovery of lost data saved in different files.
  • The software recovers files from the various android  device.
  • The recovery software has Wi Fi and USB connections  option.
  • The software has an  user-friendly GUI to easy operate it. It happens without technical knowledge.

How to use

The software helps to recover the lost data .Here we describe the operating system of it.


Connect the Android device to the computer via USB. Make sure the computer is on.


After get connect with the computer the device can recognized . Then click ‘Next’ button. If the phone rooted then click ‘Allow’.

Scan and Find

The software scans and analyze the data. After some time it can help you to find all the lost files.


Finishing the recovery action the software classified the files. Then the lost files sorted in an organized way. Then you can choose any kind of file to preview.


Preview the recoverable data, you can pick the specific files you want to back. Mark the selected files and click recover.


  1. It helps the recover lost, inaccessible or corrupted data.
  2. It supports recovery from any type of storage.
  3. Save time and money.

Android Data Recovery Software Free Download

There is huge collection of the recovery software on the internet. You can download this free.Here is a list of the versions

  1. Android Data Recovery Pro
  2. Aiseesoft
  3. Eassos
  4. Remo
  5. Tenorshare Pro for Mac
  6. EaseUS MobiSaver

Android Data Recovery Software Free Download 


The advanced technology can encounter problems day by day. But every problem has a solution.Data losing of a device is a problem. The Android data recovery software is its solution. The recovery software is a wonderful support to the android device. It helps millions of people from losing their info. It is compatible with the various Android operating system . It also run with Windows and Mac operating system. You can free download it from the internet and enjoy the functions .


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