DFU Flash Tool All Version Free Download

By | September 17, 2017

DFU Flash Tool All Version Free Download.DFU stands for  Download  Firmware Utility. DFU  Flash tool is a simple application. It helps you to flash stock firmware on any Broadcom Android Devices. It is a powerful software for all Android devices. The user can use the application when the phone USB driver installed on the computer. It makes bridge or connection between Smartphone and Computer. By the connection, the user can easily flash Android Stock ROM on the Broadcom device. It is a small tool which also allows you to flash stock firmware on any Broadcom Smartphone & Tablets. Here is a guide, we’ll let you know that how to flash stock ROM using Broadcom DFU.

DFU Flash Tool

DFU Flash Tool Feature

Portable Application:

It proceeds as a portable application. It means the users can use this tool without installing it on the computer. You can Download the tool. Extract it on the PC. Then click on the dfu.exe file to open it.

Multiple Mode:

It supports many modes to flash the stock firmware on the Broadcom Device. It includes simple download mode, calibration mode, and loader mode.

Multiple Device Support:

It permits the users to flash stock firmware on Multiple Broadcom Device at a time. Usage: Select the Multiple Devices. Select the Number of devices using Columns and Rows.

Advanced Options:

It came with the advanced features. It includes the ADB Fastboot Protocol, BootUSB Mode, Password Protection to protect settings. It also includes Calibration Mode, Restarting device, Play sound, Turns off and Stress Test.

How it works

Step No 1:  Download the Broadcom USB drivers. Install the drivers on your Windows-based PC if you have not already installed.

Step No 2:  Download and extract DFU tool on the computer.

Step No 3: Turn OFF the mobile.

Step No 4:  You’ll need to download the required Stock ROM. That you would like to flash on the mobile. Extract it on the computer after downloading the firmware.

Step No 5:  Run the dfu.exe on the computer.

Step No 6:  Select the Browse button from the Top Right. Locate the firmware folder after opening the Broadcom Download Firmware Utility.

Step No 7: When you find the DFU compatible firmware folder. It will display in the Broadcom DFU tool automatically.

Step No 8:   Tap on the Download menu after the firmware added in the DFU tool.

Step No 9:  Click on Start button to begin the flashing process.

Step No 10:  Plug the Android mobile (Broadcom Chipset based) to the computer. Make sure that the phone switched Off.

Step No 11: When the mobile connected to the computer. Press the Volume UP or Down button onto detected by Broadcom Download Firmware Utility (DFU).

Step No 12:  As soon as the Broadcom DFU recognize the mobile, the flashing process will start.

Step No 12:  As soon as the Broadcom DFU recognize the mobile, the flashing process will start.

Step No 14:  Close the DFU tool. Disconnect the Android Device from the computer.

You have successfully flashed the Stock ROM on the Android mobile using DFU tool.

Support Operating System:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 ( also 32-bit and 64-bit).


If you want to install the DFU  setup on the computer. It also helps the users to free download and share files.You can download the tool from our website. It’s free and safe from virus. Download the DFU tool.  Extract the .zip file on the desktop of your computer. Select the dfu.exe file to run. DFU_Flash_Tool_v2.03.zip. Broadcom USB Driver. Released Version: DFUF Tool v2.03, v2.02,  v2.01.

 Important Note

–   The device charges 50% to 60%.

–  Take a backup of the Broadcom Devices data.

–   Make any mistake bricked the device.


DFU Flash Tool is a small tool . It allows you to flash stock firmware on any Broadcom Android phone and Tablets. We have shared the official DFU Flash Tool. It allows the users to perform different tasks on the Broadcom Device. If the phone is working slow or completely break flashing of mobile does at that stage. If you will flash the phone with the application, the mobile.

DFU Flash Tool Download Link

DFU_Flash_Tool_v2.01: Download

DFU_Flash_Tool_v2.03: Download

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