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By | September 30, 2017

ioRoot Tool All Version Free Download.ioRoot Tool is a small application. It allows you to gain root access on different  LG smartphones, including the LG G2 and   LG G3 smartphones. This is a great application rooting tool.  king root, root, minimal adb tool etc will not work well then the latest models of LG smartphones. This tool is working with 1 click.   It also simple to use and does not has any complicated methods to use it. Get the tool for all versions free which is available here.  So download ioRoot tool for all versions free for the  LG smartphone.


ioRoot feature

One-Click Root

It allows you to root the LG devices in a click. Install the LG USB Drivers on the Computer.  After installing the drivers enable USB debugging on the  Android phone. After enabling the USB debugging, connect the device. Launch root.bat from the ioRoot tool.   Follow the on-screen instructions.

Root LG Devices

With the help of ioRoot, you can easy to root different  LG devices.    This tool is working with only LG devices. So don’t  try it with other brand or device.

Manual Root

You can root the Android phone devices manually by this rooting application. Launch the terminal of ioRoot . Give the commands manually.

Warranty Void

After using the tool and getting root access,  the device’s warranty will void.  So think before starting the process.

How to use

Rooting LG G2

Step 1. Download the LG G Pro 2 USB drivers. Install them on the desktop to start the process.

Step 2. Download the latest version of root tool.  Extract the folder on the  PC.

Step 3. Open the folder.  You will see some files on the folder.  Right-click on the root.bat file.  Select   Run as administrator option. If you are a Mac user, run Run the root file as Admin.

Step 4. You will see a  cmd window. Press any key on the keyboard to run the root script.

Step 5. After this,  the phone will root in a few seconds.   Then it will reboot automatically.

Rooting LG G3

– Install the LG USB drivers on the PC.

-Enable the USB Debugging on the mobile.

-Your display must set to not turn off automatically. It’s important for the rooting process.

-Turn on the Airplane mode on the device.

-Open the root folder.

-Some files displayed on the screen,  then double click on the root.bat file.

-ADB command terminal will open up. Follow the on-screen instructions.

-The phone will reboot after the process is complete.

Supported LG Devices

Here is a list of supported LG devices to root access with ioRoot. Such as-

-LG Optimus G (all)
-LG G2 (all)
-LG G Pad 8.3 (all)
-LG G3 (all, running on 4.4.2)
-LG G Flex (all running on 4.2.2)
-LG Pro, LG G Pro 2 (4.4.2 os)


The latest version of the tool released. If you are looking to download the tool, then you are in the right place.  We have shared downloading link for the latest version. If you using the old version on the PC. Then collect the new 25.00 update your setup file. This is for free for the users.  Download the latest version: ioRoot Tool V25, V22, V11, ioroot tool

Point to Remember

Works for LG Devices: It designed to root for  LG devices only. It is not rooted other brand devices. Further Updates: The tool discontinued now. Which means you won’t  able to get any future updates of the tool.

Known FaQ: It was initially developed as a Windows Script to root LG G2.  But later got grown support to root devices from Android 4.0 to Android  4.4.2.

Credits:  Various developers made this ioRoot tool.  XDA Developer developed the  Version 2 to Version 1o. Shelnutt2 made the  Version 11.   Autoprime developed the Version 22, 25.

ioRoot Tool All Version Download link Below.








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