Manufacturing Flash Tool Update (All Versions) Download

By | July 26, 2017

Manufacturing Flash Tool Update (All Versions) Download www.Tools4flash.comManufacturing Flash tool is a type of service tool that lets you flash the Intel Dual Stock firmware based on Android and Windows tablets. The latest version of Manufacturing Flash tool is available here for free download. This is better software is developed by Intel Corporation. Intel provides this software for free to their user. You can use it for flashing several phones. However, you will need to follow some steps. If you are using a smartphone or tablet with Intel chipset and you are looking for an easy way to flash stock firmware on your device.

Manufacturing Flash Tool Update (All Versions) Download……….

Manufacturing Flash Tool


Download: Link

Some of the feature found in Manufacturing Flash tool:


This is installer application that can be installed on the use it computer. Simply install the Intel drivers and then install the application and you are ready to use.

USB Drivers:

When you install the latest version of Intel flash tool, it will automatically install all the required Intel USB drivers. So there is absolutely no need to download Intel USB drivers and Install it in your computer.

Flash Firmware:

Manufacturing flash tool you can use to Flash the stock Firmware on the device which supports Dual operating system including Android and Windows OS.

Supports All Device with Intel Chipset:

Manufacturing Flash tool using to flash, you can flash stock Android firmware on all Smartphones and tablets with Intel chipset.

Statistic Module:

It allows you to see the Statistics of Successful Flash, Number of Flash Tried and Number of Flash Failure. By default Statics panel isn’t displayed, to enable this option you need to select Display statistics option in settings.


This is tool easy to make custom configuration, which includes detecting test OS, test OS VID, Test OS PID, Detect Completed OS etc.

Supporting windows:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 (x32 bit or 64 bit)

Supporting Driver:

  • iSo USB driver
  • Intel USB driver

Manufacturing tool is free from virus or virus free tool, you can scan it with a proper or a good antivirus at any time, due to this tool will run in Better and beautiful way. Manufacturing Flash tool is used to flash Intel based devices like Dual OS tablets (Android + Windows).


  • Download Manufacturing flash tool and install on your phone.
  • Install Intel USB drivers for dual OS tablets using the guide.
  • Download the firmware your Dual OS tablet.
  • How to use Manufacturing Flash tool.
  • At first, launch manufacturing Flash tool as Administrator.
  • Then wait till the manufacturing Flash tool Dashboard opens.
  • Click > Setting.
  • Then Under General properties input the VID and PID for device’s chipset and also for the device itself then click Apply and ok.
  • Click File > open.
  • Navigation to the location of the Dual OS Tablet’s firmware, highlight the Flash_userdebug.XML file then click.
  • The tool should now display ready to flash.
  • Boot the device into DX mode then connect it to the PC via USB cord. The device should get detected and Flashing Start.
  • Wait till Flashing is complete, do not interrupt the process.
  • Once Flashing is completed, you should see 100% right Broad successfully Flashed.
  • Disconnect the device then close Manufacturing Flash Tool.

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