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By | September 8, 2017

MobileUncle Tools APK Free Download For Android Smartphone MobileUncle MTK Tools is an Android application. It helps you to access advanced settings on an MTK device. MTK stands for MediaTek. It is a fabless company in Taiwan. A major designer and distributor of technology products. It is a powerful app for MediaTek smartphones. It allows you to perform different development activities with your mobile phones. It has lots of advantage on your device. This great tool helps you to get the information of your device and backup IMEI on MTK devices. It also allows you quick reboot to the recovery mode and flash recovery in the Android devices. Try to enjoy with the super tool.MobileUncle Tools Free Download Center.

MobileUncle Tools Feature’s

1.Display Device info

If you don’t know much about your device then this option can help you out. There are many MTK Processor models such as MTK6572, MTK6582, MTK6592, MTK6589, MTK6536. This option can help you find the model of your Processor.

2.Engineer Mode

The option tells about Hardware function of Android. I suggest you keep your hands away from this option. In Engineer Mode, we have 4 Options:

– Phone Information
– Battery Information
– Sound Output
– Usage statistics

3.Apps Info

It views the Apps Info with Installation date and vendor name.

4.Backup and Restore IMEI for MTK mobile

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15- or 17-digit code which identifies the mobile sets. If you lose your device’s IMEI no, you won’t be able to use making calls, sending messages. You can use the if you lose your IMEI in any case.

5.Recovery update

It has a recovery update.

6.Update Tool

This option helps you to flash zip files. OTA updates, Custom ROMs manually without booting into Recovery mode. Select the options. Select the .zip file.

7.GPRS lock

Facing sudden drop in the internet speed or frequent network drop. Then this option could be a life saver.

8.GPS search

Its a GPS fix for the phones having problems.

9.Apps To SD

To make the phone faster, you can Install Apps in SDcard.

10.Enable AP

11.Boot into, Bootloader, Recovery mode, Shutdown System and Reboot

How to install

To install the app, follow the steps:
Step 1: Download the application. It is important to download the latest version for better experience.
Step 2: Copy the app into internal or external SD card storage.
Step 3: Able to install the app, go to system settings tap on the security tab. Click on the unknown sources box.
Step 4: Go to the location of the downloaded app.
Step 5: Store it and tap on it to install.


This tool has a great job on the Android devices. It is also easy to use. The MobileUncle MTK Tools is famous in all over the world. It has the international identity. So if you want to get or download this beautiful tool you can get it from our website. Don’t forget to collect this. Because it has an awesome experience on your Android devices.Credit:

MobileUncle Tools Download All Version Link:

MobileUncle_2.0.0_2012.03.12: Download

MobileUncle_2.0.0_2012.04.01: Download

MobileUncle_2.0.0_2012.04.13: Download

MobileUncle_2.2.0_2012.08.13: Download

MobileUncle_2.4.0_2012.09.09: Download

MobileUncle_2.7.3_2012.11.13: Download

MobileUncle_2.9.3_2013.06.19: Download

MobileUncle_2.9.5_2013.08.09: Download

MobileUncle_2.9.8_2013.12.27: Download

MobileUncle_2.9.9_2014.01.11: Download

MobileUncle_3.0.0_2016.02.02: Download


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