MTK Droid Tools All Version Free Download

By | October 2, 2017

MTK Droid Tools All Version Free Download.MTK droid tools is a simple and user-friendly software. You can use for root, backup stock firmware or flash the Android phone. As well as you can create scatter file for Mediatek devices and backup or restore device IMEI.  The tools specially designed for Mtk devices. So it may not work properly on other types of chipsets. Be aware of the rooting or flashing IMEI. It may cause for terminating the device warranty. It is a tool which allows users to perform different tasks on the Android devices. The tool works with MTK  devices.

MTK Droid Tools

MTK Droid Tools Features

#Root android phone:

It helps you to root the android device in a click only. Simply, enable USB debugging on the device. Connect the device. Click on the root in the droid tool.

#Backup Recovery: It helps you to backup the stock recovery on the android device. As well as restoring the recovery on the device.

#Backup Stock Firmware:

It gives you to back up the stock firmware on the MTK device. This is the best Windows tool for creating a backup of Mtk device’s stock firmware.

Create Scatter File:

It allows you to create scatter file. It helps you to flash stock firmware on any mtk device. You can also flash stock firmware on your corrupted and bricked device.

Write IMEI:

It helps you to backup and restore IMEI on any MediaTek device. Besides supporting the mtk device, it also supports various other chipsets.

Supports All MediaTek Devices:

If you are using an Android device with MTk device. Then you can use the tool for creating scatter files,  backup. The tool supports all devices with MTk chipset.

How to use

Follow the steps to restore NVRAM backup:

Step 1: Enable USB debugging from the Developer options.

If the Developer options aren’t visible in the Settings, then go to Settings > About phone. Press Build number 7 times to enable the Developer options.

Step 2: Open the MTK Droid tools on the computer.

Step 3: Allow the USB debugging in the mobile if asked.

Step 4: Click on the ROOT button in the tools.

Step 6: Click on Yes. Allow root permission in mobile.

Step 7: Click on  IMEI/NVRAM option in the application.

Step 8: Click on Restore to restore NVRAM.

Step 9: Select the .bin file from the backup NVRAM folder.

Step 10: Select the .tar file from the backup NVRAM folder.

Step 11: Restart the mobile after successful restore of the  NVRAM.

Requirements for MTK droid tool

Download latest version of MTK tool

-Desktop PC


-MediaTek device

-USB cable

File information

Filename        MtkDroidTools

Alternative file name    MtkDroidTools v2.5.3

File size            10.58 MB

File type        application/octet-stream

File extension        zip


We provide the user with the new version of MTK tool. You can download the app at free. It also available in the latest version of the tool for the Android devices. You must follow the link. Download according to the device models. It has multiple features to follow for the Android devices. Download latest version of MTK droid tool 2.5.3 from our website. Other versions are available here. They are MTK droid tool 2.5.2, MTK droid tool 2.5.1, MTK droid tool 2.5.0 etc.

Things to know

-The MTK Droid Tool works with MTk devices. Do not attempt to use it with other chipsets. –

-You may receive a Malware Alert.  The tool contains a malware, present in files > pwn. But this file is not harmful to the PC or the mobile.

-It allows you to root. Does the Antivirus erase this file? Then, the root will not work. Yet, if you do not plan to use the root feature. Then this is negligible.

-Rooting and flashing IMEI may void the device warranty. Don’t take any risk.


MTK Droid Tools has the user-friendly interface. It is a Windows utility tool. It’s for root, backup stock firmware or flashes the android device. The tools programmed for MTK devices.  So you can’t use the tools with other types of Chipsets. It has Ability to backup stock firmware and Flashes your android smartphone. It also Creates Scatter file Backup or restores device IMEI.

MTK Droid Tools All Version Download Link Below.











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