Nokia Fbus Point Finder V2.1.0 Free Download

By | July 31, 2017

Nokia Fbus Point Finder V2.1.0 Free Download.Nokia is the worldwide trusted company in the world. You can find your point find cable connection by downloading this software. It’s a small tool to provide on your device and find cable by Nokia Fbus point finder. It allows finding your cable on Nokia device that is included in RX, TX, GND, and MBUS in your Nokia motherboard that you are trying to erase also flash. It’s just a simple software that provides you which is cable connector on your device. Here is all about Nokia adapter definition in this software to surely flash your Nokia mobile. To find what is RT, RX, GND, and MBUS. In this software over four hundred model to about the Fbus point find.

Nokia Fbus Point Finder Free Download


  • Download Nokia Fbus Cable Finder V2.1.0

RT – Receive Data

RT means receiver data that can receive your Nokia mobile on your computer. So that you can easily understand what is the problem with your phone. And receiver from all kinds of things like photo, contacts, games and also storages. Some of the software also take firmware from the Nokia mobile.

TX – Data Send

RX means according to the mobile sector that will be sending data provider in with a cable, like RM change on Nokia mobile and give data photo, contacts, games and file storages. When your mobile has faced some problems like standing on Nokia logo, motherboard sense 2% or less than you can flash your mobile easily, I hope that your mobile phone problem will be solved.


GND – Ground

GND called Ground. It works on the ground like the path of accurate data transferring process. The path 5 or 6 will be set on every model for every cable. When a cable one of all path missing the device won’t show on your pc. So be sure your cable path is completely okay then to try to flash your Nokia mobile.


MBUS means Mobile Data Exchange Protection. It’s all about the data transfer to your mobile device to the computer. And also transfer to the computer to mobile device. Actually, they are able to transfer both.

Over write a general review:

  • Compatibility: usually supported on windows XP and Vista, Windows 7 (All version) Windows 8 (all version) and windows 10 about to bite 32 and 64 operating systems.
  • Nokia Stock Firmware: it’s just a software to know about the cable sections that confirmed you which RT, TX, GND, and MBUS cable adapter path definition to know which will work.
  • Credit: this file is totally free for download, that why you don’t need to buy this software. All credit and creation go to the owner of the themed company.

File Information:


File Name: Nokia Fbus Point Finder Download
Alternative name: long clamp upgrade ver2.1.exe file or Nokia Clamp helper.exe
File download link: Nokia Fbus Point Finder Download
Download Version: V2.1.0
File type: compressed/Zip File
File Size: 27. 6 MB
Released on: 02 February 2013
Uploaded on: 7 July 2017
Type of Download:
Virus status: scanned by Kaspersky and Avast security.
Download type: Premium Fast
Compatibility: For Windows computer.

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