PhoenixCard Tool All Version Free Download

By | September 28, 2017

PhoenixCard Tool All Version Free Download.PhoenixCard is a software which allows you to burn Android firmware on micro SD cards. It is a free Windows-based tool. It’s designed to create bootable images and write them to connected  SD cards or Micro SD’s. The drive is then placed into the target device. The device is made to boot from the removable drive.  Applying an update or complete reimage to the target. It used especially for Allwinner A10 ARM processors. It is a very useful application. This awesome Windows based tool specially designed to create a bootable image of android firmware on micro SD cards. It will automatically make the firmware or Image file which you have chosen reformat or wipe the device.PhoenixCard Tool Download All Version Free & without Password.

PhoenixCard Tool

PhoenixCard Tool Features

Flash Android Firmware

It helps you to flash Android IMG Firmware on SD Card and Micro SD Card.  Phoenix Card creates the bootable image of the Android firmware which can write on SD and Micro SD memory cards. Just insert the SD or Micro SD memory card to the PC. Launch the PhoenixCard tool. Select the Desk and IMG Firmware.  Click on Burn. Supports  Allwinner A10 ARM processor helps you to create the bootable image of the Android firmware on SD Card and Micro SD Card. It is compatible with Allwinner A10 ARM processor.

Creates Disk Partition

The tool creates a hidden partition on the SD or Micro SD card. That you can’t format from the Windows PC  directly.

Format to Normal

When you have to flash the IMG firmware on the SD memory, it can read by the RomBoot of the motherboard of the device. If You don’t want to update the device unexpectedly.  Then you can format the SD card to using the tool.

How to use

  1. Get a MicroSD card. Connect it to your PC. You might need an SD Card reader. Format the SD card.

  2. Download the PhoenixCard. Extract download links to the latest version.

  3. Open the PhoenixCard folder. You just unzipped and look for a Green folder icon. Double-click the folder.

  4. Where it says DiskCheck, click the drop-down and select the MicroSD card that you connected to the PC and formatted earlier.

  5. Browse and find


    .IMG or firmware file that’s compatible with the tablet. The Write Mode should be set to Product.

  6. Format the card to Normal in PhoenixCard. Clear the notifications with the clear info button from the interface.

  7. Click Burn allowing the tool to do its thing. Wait for the notification that says complete and then removes the MicroSD card.

  8. Place the MicroSD Card into the device. Allow it to boot and format the device automatically.

  9. When completed remove the MicroSD card.  Your device should boot up as normal.   The tablet should work 100%.


We provide the user with the new version PhoenixCard. You can download the app at free of cost. It also available of new version updated PhoenixCard for the Android devices. People must follow the link. Download according to their device models. Those who are struggling to get the new version app can follow the sites to download and install the software. It has many features to follow for the Android devices. Download latest version of PhoenixCard v3.1.0 from our website. Other versions are available here. They are PhoenixCard v3.09, PhoenixCard version v3.06 etc.

Supported Operating System:

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Important Things

Caution: Flashing the Android Firmware on the SD or Micro SD card will delete the existing data from the memory. So, make a  backup of data that is present on the SD memory.

Credits:  Unknown Person creates the  PhoenixCard.  If you know who created the tool, they will love to add the credits.


Phoenix card is a free tool. It can create the production card or bootable from SD card for OS installation. This tool will create one hidden disk partition in the card that you couldn’t format directly in the Windows PC. It is often used in conjunction with a firmware file that can download else ware. It is specific to the device. It can use to reformat or flash the  Android device to fix issues such as the device freezing up or stuck on the Android boot logo when the device is starting up.

PhoenixCard Tool All version Download Link Below




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