PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows

By | August 20, 2017

PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows.Welcome to the article about PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows.In this article, we are going to talk about PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows, and some of its stuff, and we will give you the link to download it from our website for free.

What is phone miner?

Phoneminer is a software, that helps you to recover your data from your device, and send those data to another platform. But there is some specific device, and they are iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Sony/Sony Ericsson. It not just let you import data from these devices but also exports the data to another platform as well.

PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows Link………

Download Link: Phoneminer Update Trial

Why is Phoneminer used?

PhoneMiner is used by a lot of people, for many different issues:

  • Transferring or Transporting personal data from one device to another.
  • To retrieve data when a user is no-longer possesses a device.
  • Restoring data when a device has been missing, damaged or lifted by someone.
  • By law prosecution and digital forensics investigation teams.

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How does it work?

Phoneminer allows its users to view the following data:

  1. SMS messages
  2. Contacts (Address book)
  3. Calendar
  4. Photos
  5. Movies
  6. Notes
  7. Call log
  8. Recordings
  9. Passwords
  10. Emails
  11. Memos
  12. Tasks

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Phoneminer allows its users to recover the following data:

  • Contacts (Address Book)
  • SMS Messages
  • Call log
  • Calendar
  • Memos
  • Notes
  • Voice Recordings
  • Pictures/Photos

Note: Emails are not actually stored within the backups, they are kept on the user’s personal mail server.

Phoneminer works by exporting the data to different formats.

At first, Phoneminer was designed to access and view backup data, but it can be used for other purposes. Phoneminer can also be used for printing data and be exporting data to different file formats.

  • Export to Microsoft Excel

Phoneminer can exports data to Microsoft Excel from your phone easily.

  • Export to PDF

Phoneminer can also export data to PDF format from your phone. PDF means Portable Document Format.

  • Export to CSV

With Phoneminer you can export your data to CSV format as well. CSV format file is a text-based format. You will be able to open it with a simple text editor.

  • Export to Google Contacts

With the help of PhoneMiner, operators can synchronize their phone contacts with their Google Account. Google Contacts is now one of the coolest ways to transfer contact information between devices.

  • Export to HTML

Phoneminer can export backup data to HTML. It is a standard web format.

  • Export to ICS

Phoneminer can export data to ICS format. Most popular email and calendar programs are using ICS format nowadays.

  • Export to VCF

Phoneminer is also able to exports data to VCF format. VCF format normally used to save contact or addresses. It’s an industry standard format.
That’s how the Phoneminer works.

PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows:

Phoneminer is a useful application. You can recover your data from those selected devices. Those devices are iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Sony/Sony Ericsson. Though you can use the trial version for free that will be for thirty days. Later, you can buy it if you want. We hopefully say that the article about PhoneMiner Trial Version V2.4.7 Free Download for Windows might help you to recover your data. You can download it from here.

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