Qualcomm SW Downloader Update Version Download

By | July 25, 2017

Qualcomm SW Downloader (All Versions) Download.Qualcomm SW Downloader At present, the popular windows downloader software. Qualcomm SW downloader tool can be easily downloaded and installed on your PC or phone. It is downloader who as commonly available Qualcomm android device download tool and is a major flash tool that can be used to flash, UN brick (de brick), backup and restore, repair and refurbish Qualcomm downloader. The Qualcomm SW downloader tool is designed to flash firmware on Qualcomm chipset phones. The biggest advantage of this device is that it is not dependent one brand but supports on chipset any other device. This, Qualcomm SW downloader, doesn’t in fact download any firmware rather the download term is applied to the smartphone as it downloads the firmware from your computer on to the phone.

Qualcomm SW Downloader Update Version Download..

Qualcomm SW Downloader 4.2.

File Download Size: 10 MB

Download Link…

Qualcomm SW downloader Flash tool supporting Chipset :

If you are using any below listed chipset then download Qualcomm SW Downloader flash tool to flash stock ROM on any Qualcomm devices.

  • QSC6240
  • QSC1110
  • MSM8225
  • MSM7225
  • MSM7625
  • MSM8625
  • MSM8625Q

It is the best Qualcomm phone tool that helps you firmware upgrade a all Qualcomm set, you will flash the android devices with your computer. So Qualcomm tool can detect multiple devices automatically. Upgrade firmware file for Qualcomm download tool.

How to Use Qualcomm SW downloader:

  • At first download and install Qualcomm SW Downloader Flashing tool on your computer
  • Then download and install USB drivers of your phone.
  • Download Stock Firmware of your device. If you have already downloaded the firmware of your device the skip the step.
  • Now extract the downloaded Qualcomm SW Downloader tool on pc.
  • Then find the SWdownloader.exe file and run it as an administrator.
  • Now click on “Browse” button and select the firmware which you have already stored.
  • Now, Click on the Chipset and select the platform of your device.
  • If you want to make to take backup or want to restore the NAV of EFS files then click on “Setting” button, if not then skip this step
  • Now switch off your device properly and connect it with computer via USB cable.
  • Make sure you selected the correct firmware and chipset according to your device. If everything is ok then hit on “START DOWNLOAD” button to start the flashing process.
  • After competing process you can see a “success” message on SW Flashing tool.
  • All steps ok, just disconnect your device and restart you it manually.

Qualcomm SW downloader tool to Features:

Flash Stock/ Official Firmware

Qualcomm flash tool allows you to flash official firmware by on your phone. Stock firmware files are provided by the manufactures and can be used to fix a briked phone by you.

Multiple Device support

At once, you can connect more than one device to your computer and the tool will recognize them all. This gives you the ability to flash firmware on multiple devices at once

Partition Specific Flashing

Qualcomm SW Downloader has the ability to flash only certain partitions of the device. This comes in handy when you don’t want to upgrade the overall software but rather parts of it such as boot file etc.

Select File to Flash:

There is an option provided on this tool to allow you choose the certain file to flash such as Android File, Boot File, System file, User Data File and also Cache file.Creadited by xda-developers

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