RDA IMEI Tool (All Versions) Free Download

By | August 1, 2017

RDA IMEI Tool (All Versions) Free Download.RDA IMEI is currently small popular application software that permission you to Flash on a chip-based android phone and tablets. This small program allows you to easily change the unique IMEI number of RDA inappropriate chipset running devices. So this application software is used as an IMEI repair tool. RDA IMEI repair tool used all of brand device supported. It is the latest version of RDA IMEI repair tool you can download free and so easily to use.

RDA IMEI Tool (All Versions) Free Download..


Supporting Android:

RDA IMEI tool can be used on the computer other than android Phones. Android device like as.

  • LAVA

Supported windows OS for Computer:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

How to use RDA IMEI tool:

  • At first download and install the android USB Driver for your device into your computer.
  • Then download and install RDA IMEI tool on your computer.
  • Then Open RDA IMEI tool by clicking on the icon “RDA Tool-English”.
  • Then you can put the valid IMEI and click on “Start” RDA IMEI tutorial.
  • Power off your Android Smartphone.
  • Then it’s time to connect your Android Smartphone device or Tablets to the computer via use by USB.
  • Then Power on the phone.
  • Close the tool by clicking on the Exit button.
  • Then Restart your device.
  • Done the work process, which you have been successfully repair the IMEI of your Android device.

It is a chip based tool that acts as a RDA IMEI repair tool. It provides a various of advantages, the advantages are mentioned below:

Features of RDA IMEI tool:

Write IMEI:

RDA IMEI tool permission you to write IMEI on any RDA based phones or tablets which as up to 4 SIM function. You can also entered the PSN number manually or can be use from any text file

Write MBSB:

RDA IMEI tool also permission you to writing the MBSN on any RDA Based Smartphones or tablets device. You can used manually the MBSN number or entered text file document

Write PSN:

It can permission you to writing the MBSN on any RDA Based Smartphones or tablets device. You can also use the manually input the PSN number

Write LCD:

It allows you to write LCD name on your RDA chip based android phones or tablets. You can choose the DSI, RGB and MCU any option while writing the LCD name

Small size and use easily:

RDA IMEI tool is small size application software. You can download free and easily to use it.

Write multiple systems:

It tool gives you to the ability not modify the IMEI number but other different unique system number like as WIFI, MBSN, MAC, PSN , LCD and more.

Download RDA IMEI Write Tool ALl Version.

One tool for all Devices:

It is big advantages of RDA IMEI tool is that the device connect should have a telecommunication modem and a RDA Chipset.

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