Read & Write Tool IMEI 100% Tested (All Version) Free Download

By | September 26, 2017

Read & Write Tool IMEI 100% Tested (All Version) Free Download.Are you using an Android mobile or tablet? Have you flashed a new custom ROM firmware in the Android device? If yes,  then you will need to download the Read&Write tool from here.  Install it on the PC and use it to flash the original IMEI in the device.  Although your device will work properly without an IMEI. We recommend you to use the tool to flash original IMEI in the device. It is a small tool which allows you to flash IMEI on MediaTek, Spreadtrum & Qualcomm Devices. Here on this platform, we share all the available versions of the tool including the new version.

Read & Write Tool

Read & Write Tool Features

1)    Simple User Interface:

The IMEI tool’s user interface is very easy that even if you are a beginner to Android development.  You can easy to use it to flashing IMEI in the device.  Also using the tool, you can flash Dual IMEI in the device. If it is applicable.

2)    Supports All Qualcomm Devices:

You can use the tool to flash IMEI in all the Qualcomm devices.  Android mobile, Featurephones, and tablets that are Qualcomm based.

3)    Supports All Mediatek Devices:

By using the tool, you can flash IMEI in all Mtk  Android mobile, tablets and Featurephones.  You will need Database file to flash IMEI in the Mediatek device using the tool.

4)    Supports All Spreadrum Devices:

With the help of the tool, you can flash IMEI in all Spreadtrum devices.  Spreadtrum based Android mobile, Featurephones and tablets.

5)    Extra Features:

Apart from flashing IMEI. You can use the tool to flash ASPN Address, Wi-Fi Address, MEID Address, Bluetooth Address, SN Address on the Android device.

How it works

  1. Download the tool zip file and extract it on pc.
  2. Run the WRTool.exe file.
  3. Run the WRTool.exe file.
  4. Click on “file” and select “config” option. You will see a screen on the pc.
  5. Click on “PlatefarmCongig” option. Select the phone chipset [ If you are using MTK android phone.  Then select MTK.  If it’s a Qualcomm. Then select Qualcomm or if it’s a SpreadTrum android device.  Then select  SpreadTrum ]
  6. In “COMPORT” section select “USB”.
  7. Under the “DatafileConfig” section, select “BP database file” and “AP dataBase File” from the mobile stock ROM. Its only for MTK android mobile. If you are using Qualcomm device, then no need to use the section.
  8. Click on IMEI1 & IMEI2 option. If you are using the Dual sim android mobile and then click on “OK” Button.
  9. Type the IMEI number in both sections. Press enter on “WRITE” button. If you will see a port error that means USB drivers are not installed in a  proper way. If everything is ok,  then the process will start.
    1. You will see the green “PASS” message on the top.

    Now dial *#06#. You will see new IMEI number on the Qualcomm  Android mobile.

Support Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 (Read-Write support also 32-bit and 64-bit).

Download and Share File:

If you want to install ReadWrite tool on the  PC. It also allows users to free download and share files. So, Click on Read & Write Tool download tab. Open a new page.  Finally, click on download tab to start Read&Write IMEI v1.3 download. The version you may download: Read and Write v1.3,  Read and Write v1.1

Points To Think

1)  Wang Wenjiang develops tool . So all credits go to him.

2) If you encounter any errors while using the  IMEI tool, share it with us by dropping a comment below.

3) If the tool doesn’t work for your device, download Write Code IMEI Tool.  Use it for flashing IMEI on the device.

4) By using  Read and Write tool you can flash IMEI on Qualcomm, MTK, SpreadTrum chipset devices easily.

5) If you have MediaTek Device,  then you can flash  IMEI using SN Write Tool.

7) If you have  Spreadtrum Device, then you can flash IMEI using WriteIMEI Too.


Read & Write Tool is a wonderful application for the user. It allows many Flash IMEI Features on MTK, Spreadtrum  and Qualcomm Android mobile. It also allows Feature Phone and Tablet Devices. It’s  a small tool and flashes single or dual IMEI on the single device.

Read & Write Tool All Version Download Link Below.

ReadnWrite_Tool_v1.1: Download

ReadnWrite_Tool_v1.3: Download

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