Rockchip Batch Tool Latest Version V1.8 Full Setup Free Download

By | August 22, 2017

Rockchip Batch Tool Latest Version V1.8 Full Setup Free Download.


Rockchip Batch Tool is a compact program. It helps to upgrade and replace the software with a new one. In the time of upgrading process, you can view the performed operation. You can also view the progress in the main window.This a very small tool. Fuzhou Rockchip made the tool.

About Rockchip Batch Tool:

Rockchip Batch Tool is a software designed to help you update the firmware of the tablet or mobile. It can necessary if you want to upgrade the software or replace it with a new version. The application can use for the devices that built around the Rockchip circuit. The tool used in the mobile devices tablets, MP3 players, smartphones and e-book readers. If you have a device that uses Rockchip and you want to update its firmware. The tool allows you to do it. You need to load a firmware file. Then connect to the phone to upgrade or restore it. The interface shows the basic info about the firmware file.

Rockchip Batch Tool Update Version Download Link:

Rockchip Batch Tool

Download Link: Rockchip_Batch_Tool_V1.8


Rockchip Batch Tool has a cool feature. Let’s enjoy feature section.

Flash Stock Firmware

It helps to flash stock firmware on RK29, RK30, RK 31 chipset devices. Launch the Rockchip tool on the PC.Add firmware. Connect the device to the PC. Click on Upgrade or Restore button in Rockchip tool to begin flashing.

Smartphone All Tools Link

smartphone All Driver Link

Easy Interface

The interface of Rockchip is bit easy. It allows getting the information about firmware. The interface is easy to use.

Many Upgrade

You can flash or upgrade many devices at the same time. Sometimes many devices detected. Click on the Upgrade or Restore button to perform the many upgrades.

How to use

There is the instruction of how to use the Rockchip tool:

#After launching the RKBatch Tool.exe, click the Box right to the FW path.

#added the firmware, Rockchip tool load it.

#Turn on the device.

#Press and Hold Volume UP key on the phone.

#Connect it to the PC using USB.

#Until Icon 1 turns green in color, don’t release the Volume key on the phone.

#added the PC, click the Restore to begin the flashing process.

#Rockchip Batch Tool will flash the firmware on the device.

# Restore Done Success message.

# Close the tool to click the Exit button.

#Disconnect and Restart.

Latest version Download

Works On

The Rochchip Batch tool runs with the different of Windows. Such as Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows XP | Windows Vista.


You can easy to get the download link of the tool from the internet. The Rockchip Batch Tool Latest Version V1.8 Full Setup is available on our blog.


Rockchip Batch Tool looks simple and requires general resources. It should use with care when updating the phone or tablet firmware. You can use the Batch tool to connect with many devices at the same time. Although the feature doesn’t important for the users. Time will save for the purpose.Credited by

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