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By | September 26, 2017

Towelroot App All Version Free Download.Towelroot is a small tool.  It takes up just 100 kilobytes.  It allows you to root the Android device in just a few seconds.  All by installing the APK and pressing a button.  Yes, you read the right.  All you have to do is press a button and it’s done.  It is currently one of the best alternatives that you can find to root the  Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4.  It can also root a Nexus 4 or 5 and other models.  In a word, if you want to root a device, this is the right option. Enjoy with it.Towelroot App Download by

Towelroot App

Towelroot App Features

1)    Simple One-Click Rooting Application:

It is a very simple one-click rooting application. To use this,  install it in your device.  Click on the ‘’Make it Ra1n’’ button inside the app.

2)    Smaller In Size:

The Android app is the smallest rooting app. The size of the app is less than or close to 100kb.  But it still works efficiently.

3)    Root Any Android Device:

The tool supports Android devices.  Which is running on any version of Android between 2.2 and 4.4? The app supports  AT&T and Verizon Android devices rooting as well.

4)    No Internet Connection Required:

It doesn’t need an internet connection to work. The tool works smoothly without an active internet connection.   If the Towelroot doesn’t install it in the device , you will need an internet connection.

5)    Battery life:

You can increase the battery life as well as the performance of the device. By getting apps that have been specifically designed for that purpose . The apps were not available for the device before rooting it.

6)    Updates:

Android updates take a time to reaching the respective devices.  Rooting the device gives you the advantage of having these updates.

How it works

Step 1.  Go to Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources ON to allow us to install the third-party application.

Step 2. On the phone, go to

Step 3. Press on the Lambda (the big red letter looking icon.

Step 4. Save the tr.apk file to the device.

Step 5. Pull down the notification shade by pulling down on the top of the device.

Step 6. Press on the Download Complete notification.

Step 7. Press Install.

Step 8. Pull down the notification by pulling down from the top of the device.

Step 9. Press on the Installation Complete to open the application.

Step 10. Click on the ‘’Make it Ra1n’’ button and wait for it to do its thing.

Step 11. You get a success notice. That’s it, you’re rooted.

Important  Points

  1. Rooting violates the warranty of software of the Android device. If any problem arises after rooting , your warranty period is still left, you have to pay to repair it. Although, warranty of hardware and other accessories will not affect.
  2. You can uninstall system apps which came with the android device after rooting.


We provide the user with the new version towelroot v3, v4 or v5 up to get the device rooted in no time. You can download the app at free of cost. It also available of new version updated towelroot.apk  for the Android devices. People must follow the link. Download according to their device models. Those who are struggling to get the new version app can follow the sites to download and install. Yes, it has many features to follow for the Android device.

Supported Device

–    Nexus 5

–    Galaxy Note 3

–    Galaxy s4

–    Sony Experia

More Info abou the Towelroot Apk

Name             Towelroot

Developer         GeoHot

Cost             Free

Stable Version         v3.0

Size             1 Mb

No of Downloads     3,78,000+

Compatibility         Android v4.0 & later

Oficial Link


Towelroot Apk is an awesome app to root your android device. It is one of the best one-click rooting apps of Android times. It can root almost all Android mobiles that  are running on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Although Towelroot doesn’t support the latest  Android versions.  It always plays the significant role when it comes to rooting your device . It is still one of the best potent Android rooting application. So, download Towelroot from here and use it for any devices.

Towelroot App All Version Free Download Link Below.

Towelroot_v1: Download

Towelroot_v2: Download

Towelroot_v3: Download

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