Universal Android AIO Flasher Toolkit V1.40 Download & Android Flasher V2.2.0.5 Free Download.

By | September 11, 2017

Universal Android AIO Flasher Toolkit V1.40 Download & Android Flasher V2.2.0.5 Free Download.Android AIO Flasher is an awesome tool for android phone. It is a GUI application that performs most of the command-based tasks of ADB and Fastboot. It’s an alpha application.It may contain bugs. it won’t show errors. The users have to determine them by looking at the shell output. But if you have connected the Android device in a proper way and installs the drivers you won’t run into problems. At its core, it automates ADB and Fastboot flash giving users a GUI to make it a little bit easier. Yet then, it has taken on a lot of new features. It becomes an ever more powerful tool for any Android user.

Universal Android AIO Flasher Download Link:

Universal Android AIO Flasher

Universal Android AIO Flasher Toolkit V1.40: Download

Android Flasher V2.2.0.5 Free: Download


1. Fastboot Flasher: You can flash Boot, System, Data and Custom Recoveries. You can Splash Images and even Radio Images.

2 .ADB Flasher: This feature will work with CyanogenMod. You can flash Recovery Images, boot Images and splash images on a running android device.

3 . Boot Animation Changer: It makes boot animation flashing easy. Select the respective zip file and flash.

4. Integrated ADB Shell: A single click is enough to change the output console to ADB Shell by using the tool.

5. Reboot Menu: It helps you to reboot in 3 ways.

6. APK Installer: The function is still in testing phase.

7. Universal Device Unrooter: It expels superuser and all other SU binaries.

8. Splash Screen Image Maker

9. Build .prop Editor

10. ROM Dump: Dump the ROM images with including 3 different methods.

11. Full Backup/ Restore

12. Online NAN Android Backup

13. Screenshot: Take screenshots of the current mobile screen with clicks.


– .NET Framework 4.0+

– Windows 7 or Windows Vista

– Fastboot and ADB must installed in a proper way before using.

How to use

Step 1: Downloaded AIO Flasher.

Step 2: Download adb and fast boot drivers. Then install.

Step 3: Launch adb.

Step 4: Boot the mobile into either factory mode or boot mode.

Step 5: Connect the mobile to computer.

Step 6: Type ADB devices, then press Enter.

Step 7: Type adb reboot bootloader and then press Enter.

Step 8: The mobile should boot into fast boot mode.

Step 9: Launch the AIO Flasher.

Step 10: At the upper left corner, tick the type of the file you wish to flash to the phone.

Step 11: Click the Select file.

Step 12: Navigate to the location of the file and select it.

Step 13: Click the Flash button.

Step 14: After completing the flash, select the Reboot Menu. Then click Reboot.


You can download the flasher tool from the website. It’s free and safe.


We brought you the article of the Universal Android AIO Flasher tool. Several of the features are still in the examination. Even though it came with a modest feature set. Few out there would mind having a ROM dumping, build. prop editing tool. It also performs Nandroid backups without rebooting the phone.

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