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By | September 15, 2017

Xiaomi Mi PC Suit All Version Free Download.Xiaomi Mi PC suite is a surprising method for making use of your phone to impart the web to PC for pc suite. It is likewise utilized as the record administrator, streak Mi gadgets, and reinforcement. It’s also utilized recuperation and custom recuperation so on. In this article, we have imparted to you Xiaomi Mi PC Suite 23 for a 32-bit setup that you can download. You can also introduce on your Windows running OS to have the capacity to deal with xiaomi phone. You can use a comparable PC Suite on various Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi Mi PC Suit Features

Xiaomi Mi PC Suit

#You can without much of a stretch deal with the records on a telephone with the Mi PC Suite document Voyager. The records will arrange as photo, music, backdrop, ringtones, APK, and reports.

#The application tab will give you a chance to oversee introduced applications. It can uninstall APK and introduce APK.

#Photo tab – It will give you a chance to import and alter pictures. Same goes for the video tab, where you can import and later recordings.

#Music tab – It will give you a chance to deal with your most loved tracks. It will enable you to play it on your PC.

.# Message and contacts tab – It enables you to deal with your telephone’s SMS and contacts. Likewise, it can give you a chance to send SMS on your PC.The screencast – It will give you a chance to see your telephone’s screen on your PC. Likewise, it can give you a chance to associate or control your telephone from your PC.

#The backup option- It will reinforcement the greater part of your information. It will give you a chance to oversee already made reinforcements.

#Update option – You can check for an update by tapping the update option. Then click “update now”. Mi PC Suite will so search for the fitting refresh on your device. At that point naturally, download it. Then, install it on your device.

# Fast boot option – When you connect the device with the fast boot option active. PC Suite will automatically open a dialogue box. That intended for flashing ROMS. Mind it, when you flash the device, all its data will wipe. Backup your data first, before doing so. When the flashing is successful, a dialogue box will appear. That will confirm the success of the operation. Then an option that will reboot the device.Mi Official Site

How it works

  • Download and then install the tool.
  • the main page, you can manage files, apps, phone backups and restore etc.
  • Connecting the phone, it automatically switches to use your computer’s internet connection.
  • Click on Screencast. It will show the screen of the phone on the computer.
  • In a Backup interface, you can backup the phone’s data. You also manage all the backups.
  • In Update interface, you can perform a system update. You can check the changelog of the update.
  • At home screen, connecting the phone in Fastboot mode. It will automatically open the dialogue for fast boot flash.
  • You can manage the files on the phone. You can also transfer data between the phone and computer with the File Explorer.
  • Check, uninstall and restrict network access. Install new apps on the phone using your computer by using the App tab.
  • Access the Photo tab to import or export. Check your photos on the phone.Double click to enlarge it.
  • Like the Photo Manager and the Video, manager offers functions.
  • The Music administrator permits mass overseeing of music files through the PC.
  • Message and Contacts allow you to oversee them on their telephones.
  • At the Notes tab, you can edit and manage your notes. You can also change the color tag, reminder, add in graphics and checklists. All will be synced with the phone.


The Xiaomi Mi PC suite is the most attractive tool for the users. It is an all-around tool, exclusive for Xiaomi Android phones. Be that as it may, in the event that you are confronting USB unrecognized blunder. When you endeavor to interface Xiaomi telephone with PC at that point attempt this Mi PC Suite 3. It will settle USB driver issues.Xiaomi Mi PC Suit All Version From Our Official Site www.tools4flash.com.

Xiaomi Mi PC Suit All Version Download Link:

Mi PC Suit Update Version: DOWNLOAD


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