YouWave Android Emulator V5.3 Full Crack Free Download

By | September 8, 2017

You Wave Android Emulator V5.3 Full Crack Free Download.Do you want to use the WhatsApp on your computer? Do you want to play mobile games on your PC? YouWave Android Emulator is a software that emulates the Android operating system . YouWave helps you try out the Android apps and games on the PC. It’s in a way that enables you to see the exact way on how they would look and play on an Android mobile. It adds SD card functional. Share a folder between the PC and the virtual machine. Support for the multiplayer online games and volume control buttons. You can also install Android applications on your computer using the YouWave.

YouWave Android Emulator

You Wave Android Emulator V5.3 Full Crack intro

YouWave Android Emulator is a tool of emulating the Android OS on the computer. It doesn’t support the latest version of the Android KitKat. But instead, offers Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the home version of the app. The software includes the music, settings, browser and more by default. Installing apps can done via Google Play Store. We are going to discuss the tool. We also discuss on how to install Android apps on the computer using YouWave.


1. Supports Android 4.0 ICS for Home Version new and 2.3 Gingerbread for Basic Version.

2. Run on Windows XP/Vista/7 with 32/64 bit. It’s not available for Windows 8.

3. Send and receive pictures to your hard drive.It’s also from your hard drive. This is very useful when sending photos through messenger like Whatsapp or Skype.

4.Simulated SD card function.

5. Enable to multi-player online games.

6. Volume control buttons.

7. Retractable control panel.

With Youwave you can run the android apps and store these on the computer. Best thing is that they have their own app store.Where you can download the apps. It has high performance. It is quite easy to install and run apps.

How to install

Step 1: Download the You Wave Android Emulator.

Step 2: Click on software to install this YouWave.

Step 3: Run YouWave program.

Step 4: Open on Start Menu and then choose for YouWave_Android. Then you will see the start up window. Select ‘ Continue with trial version’.

Step 5: Click on OK. You will get the Welcome Screen from YouWave.

Now, enjoy the Android on your PC.

System Requirements

– Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU,
– 2.0GB DRAM, 500MB disk space,
– Windows XP, Vista,
– Windows 7,
– Windows 8,
– Windows 10.
– Premium version requires Windows 64 bit and
– VT-x support in CPU (Enabled in BIOS).


You can download the You Wave Android Emulator V5.3 Full Crack for Windows Pc from the Internet. It’s free and safe.


You Wave Android Emulator is a fantastic tool. It helps the external applications to load. The tool simulates quite well on the Android phone interface. Turns out Which you can get access to those apps on follow few simple steps. You can download a light weight software.You Wave is a simple piece of software. It will create a virtual Android environment on your PC when installed. Enjoy with the awesome tool.

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